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About Us

Our dedicated owner got his start with skiing very early on in his high school years. While attending school overseas in Germany, he had the pleasure and luck to ski for the very first time at Berchtesgarden. Despite the many spills, falls, and a twisted ankle, the experience was unforgettable, and it left a lifelong impression. The speed, altitude, and adrenaline were too enthralling to be ignored, and a new passion was born. 

After returning to the US, he began searching for and skiing at some of the most diverse and exciting resorts in North America. Trips ranged from Park City, Utah to Taos, New Mexico to Lake Louise in Canada. The thrill of it all made for some truly unforgettable memories, which naturally brought about an interest in commemorating those memories with ski pins from each resort. 

However, because he had been to so many different lodges, by the time he started collecting, he could not simply drive by and pick all of these pins up. Thus, our trusty owner took to the web to see if he could order some of his favorite pins from there. What he found was disappointing, to say the least. It seemed like no one offered a comprehensive collection of ski resort pins. 

Sensing that surely he wasn't the only one looking for these great pins, he decided to start this website to provide the very service he was looking for. In doing this, he hoped to create a place where vacationers and ski fans alike could easily track down any and all ski pin that they wished to find and truly capture some of their favorite moments from the mountain. Now, after having signed on many of the major lodges in the US and Canada, Skiresortgifts is your ever-expanding one stop shop for the ski pins you love.

We've also added all kinds of other products that help compliment your love for skiing in creative and satisfying ways. We hope to fulfill the mission of our owner with every customer: to conveniently provide you with the ski resort pin or gift that helps keep the memories of your time on the mountain as fresh as the powdery snow.